Spanish driving practical exam for foreigners

The practical test

Driving in Spain has been regarded as a challenge by many expats. Even if you are an experienced driver, you may want to take some driving lessons.

Driving lessons in Spain cost between 22€ and 35€ an hour. Many driving schools offer a subscription, or a pack of practical driving classes that when purchased together have a discount.

It’s possible for you to take your practical test in English but this is not offered everywhere and is difficult to find English driving schools, specially in small towns.. This means that in most DGT offices, there’s no one speaking English and you will need to find at least one Spanish intermediate to make the procedures correctly.


practical driving exam

Number of practical lessons

That’s a common question: How many practical classes do I have to take to be enough prepared to get the real practical exam? There’s no adequate answer to this question it all depends on your ability behind the wheel.

In the majority of cases the amount of classes before the first practical exam that you take is between 25 and 35 practical classes. Remember that the Spanish Traffic law compel all the new drivers to get at least 6 practical lessons before the exam.

Your driving instructor will help you to take the decision based on its own experience about his feeling. But that’s not a guarantee to success all depends of your condition the exam day. If you feel nervous it would be easier that you fail in some part of the exam so go as relaxed as possible.



Price of the driving practical lessons

The price of the driving practical lessons in Spain vary between 22 and 35 euro per lesson, depending on the city that you take them or the driving school location (it’s more expensive on the city centers).

Examination Day

The exam day you’ll need to go to the arranged exam area where you will find the examiner, your driving instructor and one or two other candidates. The practical driving exam is divided into 3 parts:

  • Mechanical Verifications – You should make prior verifications and check the mechanical parts of the car. The teacher will also ask you some basic questions, like for example where is situated the Oil Reservoir.
  • Autonomous driving: You should drive the car for 10 to 15 minutes following the traffic signs properly.
  • Directed driving: The examiner will give you some instructions like for example turn right or left and parking in some areas. 




The examiner will also value the candidate’s ability to drive in an efficient way to reduce the fuel consumption and the pollution.The faults that you can commit are grouped into three categories: Minors (Leves), Deficients (Deficientes) and Qualifying (Eliminatorias). If you commit a qualifying fault the exam will finish immediately, the same if there’s a justified intervention of the instructor.

If you pass the practical test, you’ll be asked to sign a waiver as a temporary license until you get the permanent one. Your permanent card will arrive to your home in one or two weeks.


Updated: December 2016


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