Spanish driving theory test for foreigners



If you are planning to get your driving license in Spain or maybe you’re a non EU country foreigner you should pass the official driving exam. All the applicants for the Spanish driving test must have the Spanish Residence so this is the first requirement to apply for it. If you need more information about all the requirements visit our post Get your Spanish driving licence in English

The theory test is structured around 30 multiple choice questions, with 3 options on each of them. A maximum of 3 mistakes are allowed to pass the exam, that means that with 4 of them we would fail and we will need to repeat the exam.

It is necessary to pass the theory exam before you can go on to take the practical test in a driving school (“Autoescuela” in Spanish) and be considered as a competent driver.

Fortunately the official theory test can be done in English on the DGT office (Dirección General de Tráfico) of your province. Also the training for the Spanish driving theory test can be done in English in our website Practise Driving Theory Test

We can also offer you the latest DGT exam reviews, all type of driving license tests, summaries and the theoretical driving book in English in our website. You should advice that the Spanish traffic laws and theory are quit more difficult and extensive that the British one for example.

Documentation needed:

Once you have practised with our online driving tests (, and you think you are full prepared, you need to make an appointment on the DGT office of your city ( and bring with you the following documentation:

  • Photocopy (and original) of a Spanish residence permit or a copy of tyour passport along with the NIE number
  • Certificate of mental and physical fitness issued by the Authorised Drivers Check Centre. Check our search engine to find the nearest in your city.
  • Proof of address in Spain dated within 3 months.
  • Application form and application fee (Note: They will give you the form on the DGT office. The application fee for 2016 and car licence is: 90,30 €).